Dear Dawson,

What a beautiful day yesterday.  Heaven rejoiced!  My beloved Meet Mommy, my grandmother, your great-grandmother, the lady after whom you are named, took her last breath here on Earth and entered the gates of Heaven.  She was ready.  She said so many times.  After all, she did grace this Earth for 103 years!  What a life well lived.  I am excited for her as she sees you again, sees my grandfather again, and sees my uncle again.  After being on this Earth for 103 years, you can imagine the friends and loved ones that have gone before her.  What a reunion she must be experiencing.  I spoke with her a week and a half ago and my last words ever to her were “I love you, Meet Mommy”.  She will be greatly missed.  Some of my fondest memories of my childhood were spent at her house every summer.  I remember when my cousin and I almost burned the barn down.  We ran so we wouldn’t get in trouble, only to hop over the fence into the pasture of cows but did not see the bull in the middle.  He saw us and chased us out of his pasture and into the creek, only to find the creek full of snakes and having one wrap around my leg.  Yikes!  That was definitely karma biting back because of the barn.  Summer nights spent sitting around the porch and shucking corn and snapping beans.  Picking fresh watermelon from my grandfather’s garden and eating it.  It is a painful thing when all you have left are memories.  Give Meet Mommy a hug for me.  I know you were there to welcome her Home.  I miss you always.

Until Forever,