Making Lemonade

I know everyone has heard the old saying that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  I think life has given me a lot of lemons.  I would venture to say that I could fill the Grand Canyon with the amount of lemons that life has given me.  There isn’t a depth on earth that is so great that my lemons could not fill.  I kept my lemons in a quiet, safe place and did nothing with them.  I deserved that time to do nothing with them.  I think as each milestone that I miss with Dawson comes and goes (as well as everyday), I will collect more lemons.  I have faith that there is a purpose for the amount of lemons that I have collected.  I am finally making lemonade.  Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of lemons left.  But at least some of them have been used.  I am so excited that the annual “hometown showdown” between Oviedo High School and Hagerty High School is dedicated to childhood cancer.  I wanted to do something to make a big impact on childhood cancer awareness.  So many people just don’t know the facts.  Children dying is a very disturbing topic but it is the reality in which I live, in which so many parents live.  It cannot be ignored.  So I am using some of my lemons and making lemonade.  I hope this becomes an annual event.  Those involved have been so extremely gracious and enthusiastic about supporting childhood cancer.  Below is the advertising for this game:


September 19, 2014 is the annual “hometown showdown” football game between Oviedo High School and Hagerty High School. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month and Oviedo High and Hagerty High have teamed up to dedicate their game to the fight against childhood cancer. T-shirts are available to purchase by clicking the link below or copy and paste into your browser, and all proceeds go directly to childhood cancer research. A fundraising contest will take place between the two schools to see which one can raise the most money. Be sure and make your high school selection when ordering. This will not only be your pick up location for your t-shirt but will also credit that school with the money towards this contest. Donation bins will also be available game night if you would like to make an additional donation. Wear your t-shirt the night of the big game and let’s show our support for all of those children battling cancer. They will be the ultimate winners of this contest!

The Oviedo High t-shirt is white and will be delivered to Oviedo High school for pick up. Please check their website for pickup dates and times (to be posted).

Oviedo High School Rival Tee:

The Hagerty High t-shirt is blue and will be delivered to Hagerty High for pick up. Please check their website for pickup dates and times (to be posted).

Hagerty High School Rival Tee:


This is just a small amount of lemonade that I am making with my lemons.  Warning:  I have LOTS and LOTS of lemons!!!  As I always say, it’s been over a year since I heard Dawson’s voice, so now I am his voice and I will continue to shout and demand to be heard!!!

Hagerty Game Shirt Oviedo Game Shirt