Happy Birthday!

Dear Dawson,

Happy 18th Birthday in Heaven, my sweet boy!  I miss you so much.  I have spent every single one of your birthdays with you.  Even when you entered the gates of Heaven, I still go to the cemetery and place balloons and birthday things.  I know you are not there but it makes me feel the closest to you that I can get.  I go there weekly and polish the granite, clean up the leaves, brush away the dust, adjust the flowers.  You are loved in death as much as you were in life.  Its all I have of you now.  That hard granite stone that I lovingly take care of.  Today will be an exception.  I will not be able to go to your cemetery site today.  Hurricane Irma has made other plans for me.  I sit and wait on her arrival, under a mandatory curfew.  Her timing is certainly not the most ideal, but I promise that I will be out there as soon as I can and adorn your site with birthday balloons.  Your earthly life would call you an adult today.  You would be a senior in high school.  College on the horizon.  I feel so cheated that I could not get to see you grow up. It has never made me mad, it just makes me incredibly sad.  But I know that God’s plan for you had been fulfilled.  I take comfort in knowing that.  I don’t know that plan, but my faith knows that God had one.  I’ll know that plan one of these days.  For now, I Trust in Him.  You are safe, you are loved, and you are happy where you are right now.  What wonders you are experiencing.  Happy Birthday!  I am giving you a ton of hugs and kisses and Hurricane Irma will blow them up to you!

Until Forever, I miss you always.