Dawson’s Run 2016 and other updates

The 3rd annual Dawson’s Run is set for April 2nd, 2016. This will be an official timed event for those that wish to compete.  All walkers and casual runners are of course welcome and urged to participate.  We will have something for every category of runner/walker.  We will also have a variety of apparel that you can choose from when signing up.  All will be dri-fit tank tops and dri-fit t-shirts.  Below is the ladies’ tank top with the new logo that will be available at sign up.  We are also planning a block party with food trucks, games, and music directly after the race.  We will once again be having a basket raffle as it was a big hit and had some great baskets!   We will be having several children’s baskets also so all ages can participate.  I had the most fun watching all the children that came out to participate as this race is for them and their future!!  All proceeds benefit TheTruth365 with 100% going to childhood cancer research. Race sign ups will begin on January 1st but I will be posting a reminder closer to the time.  Please put the date on your calendar and be sure and don’t miss this one!

Ladies Tank Top DCOH

Gadget update:  Gadget is hanging in there.  The doctor changed his food to see if it would dissolve the bladder stones.  The food is really bland and disgusting and I voiced my concern on if he would starve himself rather than eat it as I am not adept at dog psychology.  The doctor said he would not do that.  FYI – he did.  Gadget refused to eat it and after 5 days of not eating, he collapsed and I had to take him in again.  We changed his food to a “rescue food” and he has gobbled it up and then some.  He put all of his weight back on and is doing much better.

Exciting news!  September 11, 2015 is the annual “hometown showdown” football game between Oviedo High School and Hagerty High School. The game is at Oviedo High School this year and will be broadcast on Brighthouse beginning at 7:30 pm.  September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, and Oviedo High and Hagerty High have once again teamed up to work with me to dedicate their game to the fight against childhood cancer. T-shirts will be available to purchase, and all proceeds go directly to childhood cancer research via TheTruth365.  Below is the preliminary t-shirt design.  I will post an updated version and the ordering links once the design is finalized.  I am so excited that this game will be televised and we can reach an even bigger audience to raise awareness of childhood cancer.

Unite for the Fight 2015