Crazy Weekend! and Pictures

Just because the weekend begins nice and quiet, doesn’t mean that it will stay that way.  I’m getting ready to head out on vacation with my boys.  We are heading to Washington, DC to take in the sights for a week.  I haven’t been there since I was a teenager and have always wanted to take my children, so I spent Saturday packing.  I know we don’t leave until Tuesday but I am so Type-A that there is no way that I will leave packing to the last minute.  Good thing because today was unexpected.  Mike’s pilot shift started this morning and he left to head to New Jersey, Kansas, and who knows where else.  Kelsey is on her cruise and will be back tomorrow.  The boys and I went to church and then shopping to pick up last minute things for the trip.  We picked up lunch and brought it home.  As I was totally chilling out on the living room sofa, I looked outside and noticed Gadget walking in circles.  Gadget is my Shih-Tzu and is 16 years old.  Gadget is very special to me.  He was born one month before Dawson.  I had to put my other Shih-Tzu down when Dawson was only a month old and 2 weeks later, got Gadget as a puppy.  I’ve always considered it really odd that my animal outlived my child.  I don’t know why but that has always stuck with me.  Back to Gadget.  Totally weird that he was walking in circles.  But then, he collapsed.  I ran outside and grabbed him and brought him inside.  He was panting so hard and so fast I was scared that he was going to have a heart attack.  I have a dear friend that is a vet and I immediately called her.  She was too far away but told me based on his symptoms, she felt he was in distress and I should take him to the emergency clinic.  So the boys and I took Gadget to the emergency clinic.  We spent 4 hours there.  Now to the part of my story that is my point (I know, I give wayyyy too many details leading up to the point).  The vet decided that an x-ray needed to be done.  After the x-ray, the vet peeked her head in at me and said “you’ve got to come here and take a look at this.  Have you ever seen an x-ray?”  Goodness, if she only knew.  I lost count how many x-rays, CT’s, MRI’s, Bone Scans, PET Scans, etc. that Dawson had.  I looked at the x-ray and piped up and said, “that’s his urethra and he has stones!”.   I think I impressed her.  All of his blood work came back totally normal  but he has about 15 stones in his urethra.  Youch!  He is on special food and antibiotics to try and clear those out.  The vet also went over Gadget’s blood work and explained in great detail what each number meant.  I already knew what each number meant.  Isn’t that pitiful that I already knew that?  The ANC was also done for Gadget, and cancer parents live and breathe ANC numbers.  It brought back some distressing memories.  I left for the vet’s with the heavy heart of knowing that Gadget’s time is coming to an end, and returned home with Gadget and antibiotics.  Hope is not done yet.  I know that at 16 years old, Gadget is on borrowed time, but his passing will hit me hard.  How is it that a beloved dog outlives his master?  Totally not normal and should not happen.


Go to the website at and under the “Pictures” tab, check out the pictures from this year’s Dawson’s Run.  There are about 80 pictures on the website but we took over 800 so chances are that if you were at the race, I have a picture of you.  Please contact me via and we can see if I have your picture and I will be glad to get that to you.  The server would have been way too slow to put every picture on there.  Thank you again for everyone’s participation and support.  The check for $10,100 was graciously received by TheTruth365 and will be put to good research use.  Next year’s race is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, April 2nd, 2016.  We are going to step it up a notch and have an official timed race.  Don’t worry, if you are a walker or a casual runner, we will definitely have a place for you also.  Not everyone will want their participation officially timed but we will be offering it for those that do.  We also want to have a block party with food trucks to really make this a community event.  We have such great fun every time we do this.

I hope everyone has a blessed summer.  Enjoy time together as a family and make memories.  Love to you all!