Class of 2018

I remember the anxiety Kelsey felt as she started high school.  Of course she was not only coming from another state, she was entering high school.  We had just moved to Florida from Tennessee.  No friends, everything new.  I had to literally drag her out of the car on that first day.  I was on pins and needles until lunch time when she text me to let me know she was doing fine.  Mason didn’t feel any anxiety.  I can’t say that I did either.  He was already in the system and was transitioning to high school with many friends.  Tomorrow will mark one of many milestones that I will miss.  Dawson would have been entering Oviedo High School as a Freshman in the Class of 2018.  Those of you that know me, know that 18 is a significant number for me.  I guess it really didn’t hit me that he was the class of 2018.  There is that 18 again.  I am busy getting Carson’s school supplies together, ironing his clothes that he hand-picked for tomorrow, planning breakfast to send him off to his last year of middle school with a full belly, and FINALLY finishing his summer reading assignment.  Nothing like waiting until the day before school started.  Yes, he literally finished it today.  As mothers and fathers send their high school Freshmen off to school in the morning, I will go by the cemetery and sit quietly.  Dawson is buried in Oviedo Cemetery across the street from Oviedo High School and as I sit, I can hear the bell ringing signaling the change of classes.  I go to the cemetery many times during the week.  It is beautiful and peaceful there.  I have sat many times and listened to the bell ringing, the band practicing, the football fans cheering.  It didn’t bother me so much, but I think that it will start to.  I know that Dawson should be in high school.  He should be enjoying these milestones.  We should have had the experience of picking out his high school schedule, schedule pickup day, But those things have been denied to both of us.  Cancer took that away from us.  So instead of waving goodbye as Dawson gets on the bus, I will go by the cemetery and ask Dawson to please watch over his Class of 2018 as they enter this new phase of their life.  I ask that he guide them and may his memory be a treasure for them to aspire to.  I also have to say a big “thank you” to him.  Kelsey really needed that.  

DCF 1.0This is Dawson’s first day of school.  It was a Mother’s Day Out program at our church and he only went twice a week.  He was 3.  Gosh I miss my sweet baby!