Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

This is September which marks National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  This is the month where the childhood cancer community comes together and explodes over the internet and Facebook and anywhere else possible to make sure everyone else knows what we already know.  Its only by knowing can we start to make a difference.  Everyday is childhood cancer awareness in my family.  I have been asked why I do this.  The childhood cancer community is an extremely close knit group and we really don’t want any more members.  We would like to be an exclusive club.  Unfortunately, we will have gotten 40 more members just today.  We will get 40 more tomorrow.  And so on.  We follow each other’s stories.  Our heart bursts with joy when we hear of one of our members having a clear scan, or no new growth.  Our heart will also be crushed to hear of one who has not had good scans, whose tumor shows new growth, or that nothing else can be done.  It takes me right back to my journey with Dawson.  Yes, it would be easier to close my doors and never have to hear of these things again.  But if I become complacent, then I become numb.  Being numb doesn’t require a passion and without passion, nothing will change.  You can close your doors and hide when cancer comes knocking but it finds a way in.  It is the ultimate thief, robbing children of their childhood and in our case, their life.  The first two days of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month have been difficult ones.  We lost a passionate and vibrant cancer advocate.  Erin Griffin lost her battle with DIPG yesterday.  She was a beautiful 14 year old Scottish/Australian girl who did everything in her power to raise international awareness.  I hope her mother, Amanda, knows and is comforted by how much Erin did, and will do through her legacy.  Nick is in Houston, by way of Arizona, to have groundbreaking surgery.  He is a 16 year old who has osteosarcoma and would have been the first child to have a lung removed and heated chemo infused directly into his chest cavity.  He has numerous tumors in his lung.  His surgery this morning was halted.  As soon as his chest was opened, the cancer was found to have spread outside the chest wall, and nothing further could be done.  He was sewn back up and sent to recovery, and will be sent home with no further options.  So this is why I do this.  We absolutely have to have more treatment options for our children.  Their cancers are biologically different than adult cancers so why in the world do we treat them with adult treatment plans.  We can certainly do better than this.

Don’t forget the Oviedo-Hagerty football game on September 19th.  The t-shirts’ proceeds go to childhood cancer research via TheTruth365.  The links are on the website for both schools and also this website as well.  Just in case, here they are again.

OHS Rival Tee:


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